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I don't come here often.

2013-08-17 06:50:41 by KI1

Unfortunately, I have grown apart from this wonderful website and its lovely inhabitants. I'll still come by here every so often, but... y'know...

If you miss me, you can find me at these places:

I am the chicken of the sea.

RiftBox by My Music Alias: KI1

2012-01-15 05:34:27 by KI1

I have created another 'album'. You can find it here:
KI1 on YouTube
KI1 on SoundCloud
KI1 on Facebook

Vanguard EP Out Now.

2011-10-02 04:28:16 by KI1

Finally, my first EP album 'Vanguard' has been put out on YouTube and SoundCloud.
Find it here:

That is all, it's free, be sure to listen to at least one of the songs.

Vanguard EP Out Now.

New Alias And New Album (EP)

2011-07-29 00:40:46 by KI1


I have changed my music producer name from 'Ziggyreno' to 'K.I One'.

My first EP length album will be out very soon (hence why you haven't seen much of my activites on Newgrounds).

It will be sold digitally in .mp3 format for a reasonable price.

Like THIS page on FACEBOOK. It will provide updates and news.

That's all for now, I think.

New Alias And New Album (EP)

I've been looking for a while and I finally found a Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet.
Now I just need some practice (and perhaps a brain) and I'll be drawing crap and animating again very shortly.

I could even restart my infamous flop 'PSG' back from '09 Or perhaps even 'Stupid SWAT' which was also never released.

I'll try draw some fancy artist-like pictures if I can be bothered also...

I Bought An Oversized Mousepad! (Wacom Tablet)


2011-01-01 23:11:06 by KI1

Two-thousand and Eleven.

Time To Do Some Stuff.



2010-04-13 07:51:25 by KI1

Time For Some Fun


Help Wanted- No wait. Needed

2009-09-01 02:42:38 by KI1

Help With PSG
My game PSG has taken way longer than expected, about 9 months to make 2 of the 5 levels.
I need help with this. Now, I'm not able to pay for your efforts but, I'll put you in the credits with links to your websites etc. and I'll spread the word of your talents.
I'm looking for people with the following skills:
Programmer (Basic - Moderate)
Character Artist
Animator (Moderate, I don't need no Oscar Johansson's. Although it would be nice.)
Voice actor(s) (This may or may not be entirely necessary but, it would be nice.)
Testers (I mean serious testers, people with MSN and who can find errors and give feedback.)
And a personal assistant who brings me a cup of coffee every 3 mins (Just kidding)

Anyway, if you can help send me a PM on New Grounds or comment on this news post or even send me an E-Mail at
Also if you want a look at what PSG is, go to
Multiple thanks


Need Alpha Testers

2009-05-26 01:20:26 by KI1

I'm in need of people who are able to test the in progress game, PSG. I need honest opinions and feedback from people other than my friends and family, I'm not paying anything, but there's always a spare spot in the credits screen. I'll need people who have Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! Instant Messenger and have Flash player 8 installed.
If there's anyone who's interested please either reply to this News Post or send me an E-mail at:
(BTW I added a picture thingy, it's not that great but, you know...)

Need Alpha Testers

PSG Demo Released!

2009-04-08 05:32:48 by KI1

Finally, the demo for PSG has been finished, check it out at: and click on the 'Featured Project' tab.
Also note that it contains excessive violence
I just wanna say I worked real hard on this and I hope you guys like it. The full version will be out eventually.